Monday, August 16, 2010

Bout Recap, 8/14/2010

Poster by Garret Ingraham
On Saturday August 14th 2010, The Quadfathers hosted the Connecticut Death Quads at JFK Arena in Rome NY. This was the debut bout for the Quadfathers, the first men’s flat track roller derby team in Central New York.

The Quadfathers faced an uphill battle taking on the veteran Death Quads in their very first bout. The Death Quads quickly jumped all over the inexperienced Quadfathers taking a 17-0 lead. It wasn’t until the 6th jam that the Quadfathers got on the board, when jammer Die-lon  was able to put up 6 points for the home team. It wasn’t until the eleventh jam though that the Quadfathers seem to get settled in. Funk Roll Brother pulled off a big jam grabbing a grand slam and putting up 8 points. This started a 21-6 run for the Quadfathers over a seven jam span. The Death Quads answered right back with a huge 20 point jam by Circle Jerk and ended the half strong a few jams later with a 76-33 lead by the Death Quads.

Photo by Ramon Aiello
The second half saw a rejuvenated Quadfathers team take to the track determined to claw their way back into the game. The Death Quads came out just as strong though and increased their lead to 51 points by the 7th jam of the second half. Finally in the 8th jam was the spark the Quadfathers needed. Rebel Whithout A Pulse put up a big ten point jam. This was followed by big scoring jams from Monster Assault, TOM-A-Hawk and Funk Roll Brother allowing the Quadfathers to finish strong. The second half was definitely the Quadfathers' game, as they outscored the Death Quads 58-33 from the 8th jam on.

In the beginning of the second half, a serious injury to the left wrist of XS'V Force #71 of the QF's caused a slight delay in the game as EMT's and ambulance paramedics responded. We're happy to report that Force will be OK, but his arm/wrist is broken in 3 or more places and he's got quite the cast on now. Force gets the trooper award of the night for going to the ER and actually making it to the after-party for drinks!

In the 14th jam Fro Serious #1819 of CTDQ was expelled for gross misconduct after being called on 2 consecutive majors for a block with two feet off the ground and then insubordination on the way to the penalty box. In the 16th jam Double Oh No #00 of CTDQ was expelled for gross misconduct after he hit Die-lon #315 of QF's with a major back block that the refs considered intentional and well after the end-of-jam whistle. Following this penalty, Beastro #1718 of the QF's was expelled for gross misconduct for fighting, and Circle Jerk #19 of CTDQ was expelled for gross misconduct for swearing and spitting at officials.

In the end the Death Quads' early lead was simply too much for the Quadfathers to overcome and the game ended with a final score 122-96.

Just for the sake of our fans' information, both teams were on friendly terms off the track after the game, and amends were made between feuding parties. Roller derby can become heated and it doesn't mean that we wait for each other in the parking lot to throw just means sometimes we do things we wouldn't in everyday life. Sorry if our little skirmish offended anyone, and a HUGE THANK YOU to our ref and NSO crew for taking our crap. It is the HARDEST thing to do in roller derby to ref a game where there are a great number of refs playing, especially when those refs can be dicks like us. Thank you all for putting up with us and remaining professional and composed.


Leading Scorer:
Quadfathers - Funk Roll Brother 29 points
Death Quads - Circle Jirk 70 points

Highest Points per Jam (more then two jams):
Quadfathers - Funk Roll Brother 5.80 ppj
Death Quads - Circle Jirk 5 ppj

Lead Status:
Quadfathers - TOM-A-HAWK 5
Death Quads - Circle Jirk 9

Average Pivot +/- Leader: (more then two jams):
Quadfathers - Die-lon
Death Quads - Karn Evil

Average Blocker +/- Leader: (more then two jams):
Quadfathers - Beastro
Death Quads - Fro Serious

No official MVP's were handed out in this game, but from the Quadfathers' end we can say that it would have gone to Pastor of Muppets #42.

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Photos by Ramon Aiello

Photos by Vicki Fazio Hopper

Photos by Pete Rodriguez

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  1. Cirkle Jerk is spelled with an 'e' guys ;)

  2. also (because I'm a dick who is a stickler for details) if the half time score was 76-33 then the 2nd period score was 63-46 (quadfathers).

    also, I think I can say Die-lon would be our vote for MVP!

  3. More photos from Walter Romero:

  4. Hmmmm...I'll have WOO check the stats on that score discrepency....this was based on preliminary stuff, but your math is correct...

  5. So I must have tweaked what I thought was a grammar error and changed the meaning of WOO's stats. I fixed it now. It should have read:

    as they outscored the Death Quads 58-33 FROM THE 8TH JAM ON.

  6. Photos by Black Cherry:!/album.php?aid=71839&id=1406869166

  7. Compilation Video from Hit Happens:

  8. Photos by Charlie Flynn:!/album.php?aid=247021&id=670671176