Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bout Recap 4/2/2011

On April 2nd, the Quadfathers took part in a historic bout with our brethren from Albany, the Capital District Trauma Authority. Not only was it the first ever bout between two New York based men’s teams, it was also the inaugural bout for the CDTA. Along with a rather large contingent of fans, friends, and family, the Quadfathers made the 90 minute trek East to Albany to play in the first bout of a roller derby double-header, followed by our sister squad, the CNYRD All-Stars vs the Albany All-Stars.

Skating for the Quadfathers in the first official bout of the season were:
Woo – 96 – Captain
Raging Homo – 28
Flyin Phil – 5
Peach – 27
Bobby Brady – 8
WildStyle – 215
Grambo – 37
Doom Buggy – 999
Blackjack – 21
Die-Lon – 315
Monster Assault – 555
Jiffy – 17
Zack Attack – 29

Slay West – Bench Coach
Tom-A-Hawk – Assistant/Jam Coach

The Quadfathers were met by CDTA’s lineup of:
Hart Attack – 0bpm
Bear Lee Giveashit – 1FTW
Massacre – H4TE
Jonny Malice – 11
Dr. Dan – 29
The Fox – 40
Wellen Dowd – 72
A Ladd Insane – 73
Roarshock – 8i8
Museknuckle – 1-12
Maul Bunyan – 420
Johnny Rebel – 904
Syko – 5150
Up End Atom - 9090

In front of a raucous and boisterous crowd at the jam-packed Washington Street Armory, the CDTA jumped out to an early lead, forcing the Quadfathers to play catch-up from the beginning of the first half.  Through excellent jam management (assisted by bench/jam coach Tom-A-Hawk) and teamwork, the Quadfathers battled back to take a slight edge near the fifteen minute mark. As the hits and physicality increased, the CDTA took an approximately  ten point lead into the halftime break, after a disputed jam which saw Die-Lon unable to jam after it was alleged he left the track before the starting whistle.

In the 2nd half, the hits and action continued to escalate. Unfortunately for the Quadfathers, so did the amount of penalties and along with that, the CDTA’s lead. The Quadfathers were able to cut into the deficit near the end of the 2nd half, but the lead proved to be insurmountable. The final score was 110-77 in favor of CDTA.

While many were disappointed by the final result, regardless of who you were cheering for, the crowd was treated to 60 minutes of hard-hitting, fast-skating, men’s roller derby action.  The MVP for CDTA was Wellen Dowd #72, and  Peach  #27 from the Quadfathers was given the same honor. Both MVP’s received the infamous and wonderful golden cup (the athletic supporter kind) trophy.

The Quadfathers as a team would like to congratulate CDTA on winning their first bout ever, and look forward to continuing the battle for Upstate New York men’s roller derby supremacy when the CDTA will visit JFK Arena in Rome on July 30th.

The Quadfathers also would like to congratulate our sister team, the CNYRD All-Stars for the victory following our bout, and everyone involved with the bout for being such gracious hosts. We look forward to returning that favor as well when they visit in July.

The Quadfathers will be at CNYRD’s upcoming recruitment/openhouse events on April 6th from 7pm to 10pm and April 9th from 10am-12pm for any and all interested skaters, regardless of skill level or experience. Both events are held at JFK Arena in Rome, NY.  This is a chance to come meet the Quadfathers, talk about the program and upcoming season, see some examples of drills, and even lace up some skates and strap on some pads (we provide!) and try out some skating. Both of these dates have NO COST … they are 100% free.

Next up for the Quadfathers is a bout with the New York Shock Exchange on May 7th in Long Island

Media from the bout (please add links in comments as they become available)
Helmet Cam videos by jam ref Ludachris Speed (Thanks Ludachris!!!)

Photos by Rob Gierthy