Monday, August 11, 2014

MVC 2014: The Replacements Roster!


Replacements Roster:
Roarshock (Capital District Trauma Authority)
Dowd (Capital District Trauma Authority)
Stankus (Capital District Trauma Authority)
Dylan Thies (Capital District Trauma Authority)
Massacre (Ottawa Slaughter Squad)
Gored & Skatefoot (Connecticut Death Quads)
Fro Serious (Connecticut Death Quads)
Yosemite Slam (Philadelphia Hooligans)
Kenny Cloudkicker (Connecticut Death Quads)
Wildstyle (Capital City Hooligans)
Loophole (Capital City Hooligans)
Dago Whomp (Capital City Hooligans)
Bear Lee Giveashit (Capital District Trauma Authority)
Dirty Frank (Connecticut Death Quads)

A1: Zakk Sabbath (Connecticut Death Quads)
A2: Massacre (Capital District Trauma Authority)

MVC 2014: Photography and Videography

Once again this year, the official event photographers of Mohawk Valley Cup will be Sean Hale (Hale Yeah), and Walter Romero (Hispanic Attack). The official event videographer will once again be Chuck Campbell.  Only these official folks will be treated as event staff will access to more of the venue. But, with admission we welcome and invite others who wish to take photos or video of the event to do so (anyone wishing to bring in pro-grade equipment)

All photographers and videographers (including assistants, crew, helpers, etc) planning to record images or videos of MVC 2014 should use the link below to download, print, and sign the Photography and Video Release document.

We truly value the amazing folks in the derby community who go above and beyond to create amazing works of art at our events. Please be assured that our intention with this release is not to restrict you, but simply to protect ourselves legally speaking.
That said, if you have any questions about the meaning or intent behind the wording, please email us at and we will do our best to answer ASAP.

MVC 2014 General Permission to Film

MVC 2014: The Afterparty

This year's Mohawk Valley Cup afterparty on Sunday 8/17 will be held at the official tournament hotel, the Wingate By Wyndham.

Its a relatively easy drive from the arena to the hotel, with ample parking
Directions HERE

This is a BYOB event. Well, its actually 'bring your own liquids' in general, including non-alcoholic stuff. Guests of the tournament are encouraged to stop at one of our fine local groceries or specialty stores and stock up on tasty beverages.
We will have some food available, but it will likely go fast. If you plan to take your time getting to the afterparty, you may want to think about grabbing food on the way. There is also made to order options at the hotel bar/restaurant.

For those who enjoy specialty beers, Marcy Discount Beverage is just down the road towards Utica (maybe 12-15 min from venue) and has a vast selection to choose from. They're open Mon-Sat 9-9 and Sun 12-5, so plan accordingly before you make the trip.

If anyone wants to go bigger, McCraith Beverages in Yorkville (~20 min from venue) will sell kegs and rent taps.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MVC 2014 Bracket Contest

You asked for it!
The bracket contest is BACK. Fill in your choices for winners at the link below. Make sure to include a score prediction for the championship game so that if there's more than 1 correct bracket we can figure out the winner by closest score prediction.
Winner will receive a care package of MVC merch. Side bets, especially those involving the loser committing public acts of embarrassment, are encouraged ;)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Officials for MVC 2014

Announcing the officials of MVC 2014!

THR: Miss Trial
THR Apprentice: Roo Lyn Forcer

THNSO: Danger Prone Daphne
THNSO Apprentice: Goldie Gloves

Skating Officials:
Bob Lloyd
Buxom Melons
Davie Darko
Drop Dead Gorgon
gritty purl
Jason Singer
Jeph Christoff
Lethe L. Ejection
Miss Trial (THR)
Potomac Ripper
Punk You
Pushup Zebra
Roo Lyn Forcer (THRA)
Sheila E. Ject’Ya
Sugar Daddy
The Gorram Reaver
Trip Ur Mama
You ++

Alternate Skating Officials:
Dread Hochuli

Non Skating Officials:
Addy Pose
awful waffle
Danger Prone Daphne (THNSO)
DJ Scooby Doom
Duck N'Shover
Fatal Exception
Feaster Bunny
Goldie Gloves (THNSOA)
Hard Corevette
Headless Horsman
Heather Harlin
Julius Freezer
Organic Panic
Polly Amorous
Three Kyle Island
Veronica Scars
Wreck Support

Final Teams and Bracket for MVC 2014

We had some last minute changes to MVC, which delayed the final bracket.
Tampa Bay and Rock City both had to drop out of attending MVC this year, and we searched diligently for teams to replace them. In the end, we extended an invite to Jersey Boys Roller Derby to replace Tampa Bay, and the 8th slot will be filled with a mashup team of MRDA skaters, which we are affectionately calling 'The Replacements'.

Jersey Boys Roller Derby are approximately a year old, hailing from Springfield, NJ. They have had a great inaugural season so far, with close wins over CT Death Quads, Harm City Havoc, and The Quadfathers, and are in the midst of the MRDA membership process.

The Replacements are going to be the team to watch MVC weekend. The wildcard for sure. The team is comprised of skaters from the CT Death Quads, Capital City Hooligans, Philadelphia Hooligans, Ottawa Slaughter Squad, and Capital District Trauma Authority (you can also call them the 'Slaughter District Death Hooligans', but we like 'The Replacements' for short). While these guys haven't had time to skate together and work on strategy, they represent a really strong group of skaters from all over and should be a good time to watch.

The new bracket, with the new team changes, is:

Don't forget to buy your advance sale tickets while you can!
Ticketing is LIVE via Brown Paper Tickets, here!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quadfathers announce new coach!

We realized recently that we dropped the ball on some important announcements regarding the Quadfathers' coaching staff. At the end of the 2013 season, Slay West stepped down from coaching the team to concentrate more on her own skating. We were sad to see her go, but we understand completely that she needed to take the energy used for coaching and apply it to training, and from what we've seen its certainly working for her this season! Plus, we still get to see Slay a lot as she's a familiar face on the NSO crew at most of our bouts and still beats on us at co-ed practices :)

Photo by Ramon Aiello, 2013
So, without further ado, we would like to announce and congratulate our new coach, Smitten Kitten, on a great first season thusfar. The mood and attitude of this year's team is amazing and we thank her for everything she has done. To introduce Kitten to our fans, we asked her to answer a few questions about herself, roller derby, and coaching this group of goons. (CK = Coach Kitten)

QF: First, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? (Job, pets, favorite food, etc.)
CK: My favorite food is cheese. I have 2 ten year old kitties and 2 one year old doggies. I have a
Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology and work for a Medical Group laboratory which means I perform lab tests to help diagnosis and treat you when you see the doctor. I'm looking at going back to school for my Master's in Nutrition.

QF: What's your derby name and why did you choose it?
CK:My derby name is Smitten Kitten because I love kitties. My number is 88 because Back to the

QF: How long have you been involved in derby and in what aspects have you been involved?
CK: I started playing roller derby in 2009. In 2011 I transferred to Central New York Roller
Derby, which I still call home, and very quickly began taking on jobs with recruitment and
coaching newbies, organizing fundraisers, and was elected as Secretary on their Board of
Directors. I still remain in that position and occasionally coach our newbie and league practices.
Last season I played with our All Star travel team but took a step back from competitive play this
season. I intend on getting back into that next year.

QF: Now I am sure this is the question everyone wants to know the answer to, why the heck did
you agree to coach The Quadfathers :) ?
CK: The Quadfathers are CNYRD's brother league so I've been around these guys for a few years.
This season they were looking for some help so I volunteered to be around to run some practices
and help with whatever they needed. I don't think anyone expected it to turn into a full time gig,
but I'm happy it did.

QF: So, you have been coaching us for about 1/2 of a season and we currently are 3 and 2.
Congratulations on getting us to this point. What has been your favorite moment so far?
CK: I don't have a single favorite moment. Every practice the guys work harder. Every game the
teamwork improves. They bust their assess and they leave smiling. Watching them give their all at
practice and at games makes me happy.

QF: Do you have any other hobbies or pastimes that you enjoy besides derby?
CK: I like cooking and baking. And taking pictures of things I cook and bake.

QF: Any insight you can give to aspiring derby coaches specifically men's derby coaches?
CK: Derby men's locker rooms stink. Have your halftime team meetings elsewhere.

...And here is what a few of our veteran skaters had to say about our new Coach.....

Tommy Talbot aka TOM-A-HAWK  #1225:
“I feel this season has been a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work so far, and having Kitten step up
and coach us knowing that we have a lot of strong personalities to contend
with has been great. She has made us all bust our butts out there and has done it in a positive way where we feel we need to give her 150% at every practice and every game.”

Stephen Burt aka Bobby Brady  #8
“We are very fortunate to have Coach Kitten step in this season. She has played a key role in our
season and has done a great job at keeping the team unified. Whether it be during practice or in a
bout she has been the extra eyes and guidance that we need. We really appreciate her taking the
role as Coach and look forward to finishing up this season strong.”

Graham Espe aka Grambo #37:
“The team was a bit lost over the winter. We had the drive for a really good season­ -  Brandon stayed on as captain for a second year, and we were all excited to build on what we accomplished last year. I
think everyone felt like things were starting to gel in our teamwork and camaraderie­ but coaching
each other adds stress that no one wants. Kitten stepped up initially as a favor for a couple
practices and it went great. She's really pushed the team into a more positive space and knows how
to handle lots of strong personalities without getting flustered. I know I'm in better shape than I've
ever been in my life, and part of that is definitely from her practices. I'm excited to see what the
future holds.”

So, if you see Kitten, give her a high five and congrats on the new position and on keeping us in line!