Monday, February 28, 2011

2011-02-26 Scrimmage with Central New York Roller Derby's All-Stars

photo by Pete Rodriguez
 On Saturday 2/26/11 The Quadfathers were happy to host CNY Roller Derby's 'CNY All-Stars' travel team for a scrimmage during our practice time. The scrimmage was made extra interesting by the fact that each team had the other team's coach competing (Die-lon and Slay West).

On the Quadfathers roster were:
#5 Flyin Phil
#8 Bobby Brady
#17 Jiffy
#27 Peach
#28 Raging Homo
#29 Zach
#37 grambo (C)
#215 Wildstyle
#315 Die-lon (A)
#999 Doom Buggy

On the CNY All-Stars roster were:
#xxx0 Sinful Pleasures
#5 Little Bastard
#L8 Betty B. Ready
#13 Slay West
#19 Deadtime Story
#333 Pied Viper
#412 ShortE Fuze
#5150 Moody Obsession
#5689 Gutshot (C)
The All-Stars were bench coached by Anita Grenade #79.

A special thanks to our officials for coming out for this:
Refs- Magnum Joe (CNYRD), Reffin' Aint Easy (CNYRD), Scargeant Pepper (Utica Rollergirls), Otto Alignment (Assault City Roller Derby).
NSO's -  Leia, Mia Malicious, Ganja Ninja, Freegan Brutal, TOM-A-HAWK, Box Bitch, and Eric.

The final score had the Quadfathers 66 to CNY All Stars 141.
The score stayed pretty even throughout the first 5 or so jams, but ultimately penalty trouble killed the Quadfathers as we gave up 30+ points in 2 power jams and then continued to accrue penalties while the All-Stars skated very very clean with almost no penalties. However, our goals of enhanced teamwork and pack awareness were definitely met and it was a very good learning experience.

Great fun was had by all, and some awesome photos were taken courtesy of Pete Rodriguez.
Photos 1
Photos 2

A rematch is planned soon!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Season So Far....

Just an informal update to let you know what our season is looking like so far. Mark your calendars! We're going up against some great teams this season, with more to add soon.
We'll be adding a home date or two and annoucing the matchup for July 30th soon, and we'll make a more formal announcement with a graphic and all that once things are finalized...

March 13th - Away - vs Burlington Bombers (scrimmage)
April 2nd - Away - vs Capital District Trauma Authority (Albany)
May 7th - Away - vs NY Shock Exchange @ LIRR
July 30th - Home - vs TBA
Sept. 3rd - Away - vs NY Shock Exchange @ Empire Skate Showdown
Sept 17th - Away - vs Pioneer Valley's Dirty Dozen (Holyoke, MA)