Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Is How I Roll; Screening Oct 13th

On Saturday October 13th at 8pm, we will be hosting a screening of 'This Is How I Roll', a documentary movie about the beginnings of the modern era of men's flat track roller derby. Created and produced by our friends Joe Mihalchik (aka Maulin Brando of New York Shock Exchange) and Kat Vecchio, and starring so many of our wonderful friends in the roller derby community, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to show this film and spread the word to show the public why we love this sport.
The screening will take place at The Uptown Theater located at 2014 Genessee St in Utica NY. The Uptown has been a huge supporter of local roller derby, and we thank them profusely for hosting this event for us. They will have regular concessions open, as well as WINE AND BEER!!!!. The doors will open at 7pm, so come a bit early and have a couple drinks with us before the movie starts.

After the screening concludes, please join us next door at another local sponsor establishment, our favorite bar, The Green Onion Pub, for a meet and greet with the Quadfathers. Its $1 off your first drink with your movie screening ticket stub! We can answer all of your questions about men's roller derby and give you information on joining the team.
Admission to the movie will be $7. There are advance sale tickets available- both online and from any of the Quadfathers- buy yours today before it sells out!
An added bonus to buy your tickets in advance- anyone with an advance sale ticket purchased directly from the team gets automatic entry into one of a handful of raffle prize drawings set to take place before and after the screening.

Please RSVP to the facebook event page here:

From the official movie website, :

This Is How I Roll is about being an outsider, an underdog, and an athlete. It is a story about having a passion for something most people just don’t understand and doing it anyway, in spite of the obstacles, the injuries, and even occasional ridicule. It also happens to be about men, with names like Dr. Spankenstein and Justice Feelgood Marshall, on roller skates.

This Is How I Roll follows the story of a group of men who, in some ways, just want to be considered one of the girls. Roller derby has become an increasingly popular sport since its DIY and punk rock infused rebirth in 2001. With over 25,000 participants in over 700 leagues in almost 30 countries, female skaters encompass 98% of the sport. This is the story of the other 2%.

Starting in 2008 when there were only a handful of men’s teams in the country, the filmmakers chart the journey of men’s derby (don’t call it merby!) across the northeast and eventually, the whole country. The fans don’t know if they want them there. Some members of women’s derby are sure they don’t. Alternately hilarious and thought provoking, the film follows the men as they fight to move from being seen as a joke to being taken seriously, without ever taking themselves too seriously.

Patrick Bateman
Maulin’ Brando
Val Capone
Abe Drinkin’
Suzy Hotrod
Davy Jones
Jonathan R
Rollin’ Redshirt
Dr. Spankenstein
Bonnie Thunders
Miss Trial

Billie Brawliday
Sin Diesel
Bazooka Joe
Ladies Knight
Justice Feelgood Marshall
Bloody Mary
Jurasskick Park
Mr. Rawk
The Rev
Virginia Slim
The New York Shock Exchange
Pioneer Valley Roller Derby’s Dirty Dozen
The Harm City Homicide
The Connecticut Death Quads

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doom Buggy #999 to appear on Jeopardy 10/5!!!

Mohawk Valley Cup 2012, Photo by Hispanic Attack (cropped)
The Quadfathers are excited to announce that one of our own, Mike Lonesky aka Doom Buggy #999 will appear as a contestant on Jeopardy on Friday Oct 5th!! Doom has been a lifelong fan of the show and is always the guy on the team with an interesting fact or joke.

When Doom took the jeopardy Online Test in Fall of 2011, he scored well enough for an in-person audition in New York City. After doing very well in the in-person audition, he was placed into the contestant pool for the next 18 months. About two weeks later, as he was heading to Quadfathers practice (appropriately!) he received the call that he was going to be on the show. After a whirlwind month of preparation and travel arrangements, he found himself at the Sony Studios in Culver City CA ready to make the Quadfathers and the rest of Central New York proud.

Before you ask, no, Doom cant share how he did until after the air date on October 5th, but besides representing the Quadfathers colors by wearing an orange tie, he did try to work roller derby and the Quadfathers into his chat with Alex Trebek after the first commercial break, so we are crossing our fingers that they air it!

Join us in cheering on Doom Buggy on Friday October 5th. You can find the time and channel in your local area here: