SMF Voting Mod

Our good friend and former Quadfathers' skater Ray Cardillo aka Mr. Mighty, of Cardillo's Creations and Mr. Mighty's Fine Designs  (creator of almost all things Quadfathers uniform and merch related) developed a really cool mod for SMF (Simple Machines Forum) called 'Voter Visibility'. Ray saw a need based on the way derby leagues were utilizing SMF to better track their members' voting records since the default options included with SMF did not give enough detail. So he buckled down and wrote his own version, which has helped us immensely in doing business online.
Since most, if not all, derby organizations rely on some form of online forum for day to day communication, and many of them utilize SMF, we want to make this mod known far and wide.

Ray has been kind enough to make the use of the mod go along with a suggested (ie not required) donation of $20.00 to The Quadfathers and/or the Men's Roller Derby Association.

If you are using (and loving, as we're sure you will) the voting mod, please click below to help out The Quadfathers:


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