Want To Join?

Want to join The Quadfathers? We're always willing to take on new skaters, refs, and support staff.

The Basics:
We play by WFTDA/MRDA Rules.  Start reading them and get to know them. This means we play on quad style roller skates and have chosen to follow all of MRDA/WFTDA's safety standards and practices. If you're unfamiliar with roller derby in general, please start watching all the bouts you can on-line. There are a ton of resources for this, but Youtube is useful and Derby News Network is our favorite. Try to soak up as much men's derby as you can by video before you start.
Also check out the Men's Roller Derby Association, our governing body. Anyone can join their public forum. Start reading on their boards to see what's up in men's derby news.

Experienced Skater?
If you are an already experienced skater, please email us or contact one of our guys and we'll set up a time to talk about how we can evaluate your skill level and get you in on practices ASAP. If you're into rollerblades, well, we'll have to fix that! Some people find the move to quads no problem. Others have lots.

New Skater?
No Worries!!!!!
If you're new to skating, or if you haven't done it for years, we have a great newbie training program.
Starting every few months, the ladies of CNY Roller Derby have been gracious enough to allow our  new Quadfathers to go through their very well organized and streamlined new skater training program.

There is 4 weeks of basic skating skills, then 12 weeks of derby specific bootcamp style training. During this time you will pay a monthly fee to CNY Roller Derby for your skating classes. We still encourage you to come to Quadfathers' practices during this time and get to know the guys, talk gear, and even help out with drills (at no charge).

After the first 6 weeks or so, you will also be invited to skate in advanced practices with the team . If you also choose to referee for the girls and /or guys on top of being a skater (which we *highly* recommend), you may also be allowed to skate in the CNYRD advanced practices as a ref......CNYRD treats their refs really well by allowing them to skate for free and pay for their insurance and sometimes even their travel costs and training opportunities once they show their dedication, and its how many of us learned to skate.

Depending on the number of new guys in each class, there may or may not be advanced guys participating and helping out with these classes, but we will certainly be around to meet you and answer questions.

We have Rock GT-50 and Riedell R3 rental skates available for $5 each use. We also have an assortment of loaner sets of pads and helmets available. However, by about 2 months into skating, you have to own your own gear to continue.  If you would like suggestions on what to buy, please contact us.
You will need:
  • Quad Roller Skates
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Wrist Guards
  • Mouthguard
  • Helmet
  • Cup (for scrimmages and bouts...optional, but highly suggested)
All protective gear (does not include skates) can be purchased for under $100 as a package in many skate shops or online as a starter package. PLEASE ask us for advice on what to buy before you purchase.

For all derby gear, in-person purchasing is far better for anything involving fit. We highly recommend buying from Black Mamba Skate Shop in Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse. They are the only place semi-locally that has a really good derby specific selection so that you can actually try things on before you buy. Tell them you're with the Quadfathers.
Other great on-line retailers include Bruised Boutique Skate Shop (New Hampshire),  Sin City Skates (San Diego, gear & accesories), Wicked Skatewear (San Diego, uniforms & accessories), and Five Stride Skate Shop (NYC, gear & accesories).
We have developed a good relationship with the owners of all of the places mentioned here. If you order, please tell them that you are a new skater with the Quadfathers in Utica NY and they will be happy to help you out.

Derby is a ROUGH sport. We would prefer that all incoming members have some sort of primary medical insurance. If you do not have primary medical, we can point you to some low cost options in NY state, and also AFLAC has begun offering specific coverage for derby players.
The Quadfathers carries a private skating and event insurance policy through WFTDA. The cost is $60 per person per calendar year, and is required before starting any contact drills or scrimmaging. You can electronically sign all the paperwork online and pay for the insurance. It only takes about 5 minutes. When you get your insurance number, just bring it written down to practice and you're all set: http://wftda.com/insurance/purchase