Monday, February 28, 2011

2011-02-26 Scrimmage with Central New York Roller Derby's All-Stars

photo by Pete Rodriguez
 On Saturday 2/26/11 The Quadfathers were happy to host CNY Roller Derby's 'CNY All-Stars' travel team for a scrimmage during our practice time. The scrimmage was made extra interesting by the fact that each team had the other team's coach competing (Die-lon and Slay West).

On the Quadfathers roster were:
#5 Flyin Phil
#8 Bobby Brady
#17 Jiffy
#27 Peach
#28 Raging Homo
#29 Zach
#37 grambo (C)
#215 Wildstyle
#315 Die-lon (A)
#999 Doom Buggy

On the CNY All-Stars roster were:
#xxx0 Sinful Pleasures
#5 Little Bastard
#L8 Betty B. Ready
#13 Slay West
#19 Deadtime Story
#333 Pied Viper
#412 ShortE Fuze
#5150 Moody Obsession
#5689 Gutshot (C)
The All-Stars were bench coached by Anita Grenade #79.

A special thanks to our officials for coming out for this:
Refs- Magnum Joe (CNYRD), Reffin' Aint Easy (CNYRD), Scargeant Pepper (Utica Rollergirls), Otto Alignment (Assault City Roller Derby).
NSO's -  Leia, Mia Malicious, Ganja Ninja, Freegan Brutal, TOM-A-HAWK, Box Bitch, and Eric.

The final score had the Quadfathers 66 to CNY All Stars 141.
The score stayed pretty even throughout the first 5 or so jams, but ultimately penalty trouble killed the Quadfathers as we gave up 30+ points in 2 power jams and then continued to accrue penalties while the All-Stars skated very very clean with almost no penalties. However, our goals of enhanced teamwork and pack awareness were definitely met and it was a very good learning experience.

Great fun was had by all, and some awesome photos were taken courtesy of Pete Rodriguez.
Photos 1
Photos 2

A rematch is planned soon!

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  1. Missed a few All Stars:
    Doris Doomsday
    Ivanna Gutter
    Mean Squeak (A)
    Spin Spin Sugar

    Thanks guys! It was a blast, and your teamwork is improving SO much! Can't wait for the next one :).