Monday, May 9, 2011

5/7/2011 Bout Recap: NY Shock Exchange

Old Bethpage, NY
A short-staffed but dedicated roster of Quadfathers traveled to Long Island on Saturday to take on the undefeated and defending MDRA/MDC national champions, the New York Shock Exchange. This was a very important bout for New York Mens Roller Derby, as this was the first bout in which the national champions faced off against another New York State team.

Skating with only 9 members, the Quadfathers fell behind early and never were able to gain any momentum. The first jam set the tone for the bout as NYSE’s jammer Jonathan R racked up 25 points to zero for the Quadfathers. The next jam gave promise for the Quadfathers, as Peach scored one point for the visitors and the pack held NYSE jammer Rinkworm to one point making it 26-1. Unfortunately, this was the last point the Quadfathers in the first half. The Shock Exchange continued to pile on the points resulting in a 207-1 lead at the half.

The 2nd half mirrored the first half as Shock Exchange Jammer Ronnie Mako reeled off 19 points in the first jam of the final period. The Shock Exchange shut-out continued until the 24th jam of the bout, when Grambo put the Quadfathers back into the score column with a 4 point jam. Unfortunately, this was the last time the Quadfathers were able to get on the scoreboard.

During the second half Die-lon fouled out, Raging Homo was injured with a bloody nose, Peach was injured with a wrist guard to the right eye, and for a time the Quadfathers were skating with a total roster of 6. Fatigue due to being shorthanded on the bench, along with injuries and 13 trips to the penalty box in the 2nd half helped lead to a final score of 382-5, in favor of NYSE. Picking up MVP awards were Widstyle for the Quadfathers and Maulin’ Brando for the NYSE.

While the final score may seem excessive at first, the Quadfathers never gave up and played hard until the end. The never give up attitude of the Quadfathers was appreciated by the crowd and by the members of the Shock Exchange. The Quadfathers look forward to round 2 against NYSE at the Empire Skate Showdown in August.

Next up for the Quadfathers is a home bout against Capital District Trauma Authority on July 30th in Rome NY--

Skating for the Quadfathers were
Bobby Brady
Flyin Phil
Raging Homo

Skating for the NYSE were
Ace of Skates
Bane-ana on Skates
Filthy McNasty
Jack Rabid
Jimmy Rage
Jonathan R
Ladies Knight
Maulin’ Brando
Ronnie Mako
T-Stop Tornado
WolfGang Von Stomp

You can view some pics of the event courtesy of Sean Hale HERE.

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