Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bout Recap: 8/13/2011 vs Burlington Bomb Quads

photo by Pete Rodriguez
On Saturday 8/13/2011 The Quadfathers hosted The Bomb Quads from Burlington VT at JFK Arena in Rome NY. This was the last home bout of the 2011 season, and the Quadfathers certainly tried their best to give the fans a show.

The Quadfathers started out slow falling behind early 11-5 in the first three jams as each team seemed to be feeling each other out for weaknesses. Grambo stepped up to the jammer line in the 4th jam and put up a big 10-0 score that got the ball rolling for the home town boys. Burlington jammer Wraith tied the game in the next jam at 15 all. After that the Quadfathers slowly pulled away and by halftime had a 66-32 lead.
Coming out for the second half the Quadfathers continued to build their lead. They started out the half by going on a 53-0 run in the first ten jams building their lead to 119-32. By the final whistle the Quadfathers walked away with a 162-67 victory.

The Quadfathers put up some pretty impressive stats in the second half, shutting out the Bomb Quads in 17 of 23 jams. They held the visitors to 10 no passes as well while outscoring them 96-35. This is the second game in a row that the Quadfathers have put in a strong second half performance. In the last two home games this season the Quadfathers have outscored their opponents 173-48 in the second half.

Missing from the normal Quadfathers roster for this game were familiar jammers Peach and Ball Zach. With their absence jammer duties fell to Wildstyle and Grambo who both put up career high numbers scoring 79 and 56 respectively. Other game highs were turned in by Die-Lon with a 5.75 points per jam average, WOO with a +47 Pivot +/- ratio and Bobby Brady with a +65 Blocker +/- ratio. The Bomb Quads were lead by Uhoh Uhno with 24 points.

MVPs for the night were Wildstyle of the Quadfathers and Wraith for the visitors.

We couldn’t have put this whole thing together without all the zebras and NSO's who volunteered their time. The refs included:
Magnum Joe (of Central New York)
Miranda Wrights (of Hellions of Troy)
Reffin' Aint Easy (of Central New York)
The Constable (Of Hellions of Troy)
Lizzy Longshanks (of Ithaca League of Woman Rollers)
Pushup Zebra ( of Central New York)
Ref Doomsday (of Green mountain)

 See all the pics from Pete Rodriguez HERE.
If you see more pics posted, please leave a link in the comments field.

Our next bout is 8/20/11 away vs the CT Death Quads in Yonkers (double header in conjunction with Suburbia Roller Derby's home season championship game).

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