Monday, November 28, 2011

Co-ed Scrimmage Dec 18th!

To break up the monotony of the off-season and have some fun, The Quadfathers will be hosting a co-ed scrimmage on Sunday Dec 18th from 1-4pm. Registration is open to anyone who has passed their WFTDA/MRDA skater minimum skills testing, has skating insurance, and has competed previously. This will be a co-ed scrimmage, so all participants must be comfortable with a co-ed setting and have the ability to restrain themselves from being a douchebag :)
All safety gear must be worn at all times when skates are on feet, no exceptions. No spectators (this means anyone not there to actively participate as a skater or official) are allowed without prior approval.

The cost of the scrimmage will be $5 per skater to help us cover venue rental costs. Money will be collected at the door upon arrival. Signups are being done online via this google form. If we get to 28 skaters, we will wait list the remaining applicants until/if we get to 40 to make 4 teams and 2 full length scrimmages.

Referees and NSO's are also encouraged to apply via the same form to come help out. There is no cost for refs and NSO's.

The venue is called "SportPlx" and is located at:
496 French Rd
Utica, NY 13502

Its very easy on and off from NY Routes 12/8/5. The venue has a Mateflex floor (similar to SportCourt). Although many people are fine on 90-95 hardness wheels, many of us prefer hybrids and are OK on them.

Right next door is a great burrito place called 'Burrito Jonz' and a bar called the Black Cat. We are working on some food and drink specials for afterward, but either way, we plan to get together after the scrimmage for food and drinks.

Any questions please email us at

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