Friday, February 10, 2012

Fire: 2/19 Scrimmage Cancelled


Probably obvious by now from the (highly appreciated) derby community coverage, but Sunday's open scrimmage in cancelled due to a fire which destroyed our venue, and a lot of equipment along with it. Practices are on hold for right now. To be clear, this was our practice venue, not the arena in Rome NY where our season is planned. All bouts are still on!

You can see coverage here:
CNY News
DerbyLife news

The first link below has a donation button to paypal if you'd like to help. The Quadfathers' losses were minimal in comparison and we'll be OK as soon as we find new practice space. CNY lost a lot more of their belongings, though, and much of it were items that The Quadfathers benefited from regularly too. If you'd like to earmark a donation to us, we appreciate the support, just leave it in the comments section in paypal.

The surrounding leagues and rinks have been absolutely amazing in terms of offering to have us as guests and as sub-letters in their spaces, and we are tracking down leads in the Utica area like crazy to keep skating ASAP. If you know of any leads on spaces that would have us, at least until early April when we can get back into our summer space, please email

Probably the biggest loss on CNY's end was their stock of loaner gear for new skaters. Many leagues and individuals have contacted us to ask where they can send used gear with some life still in it to help replace. If you have gear that would still be OK for new skaters to take out on loan (skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmets, extra wheels, bearings, a bearing press, big tupperware bins, practice pinnies, whiteboards, clipboards, etc etc) then by all means mail it to us:

CNY Roller Derby & Quadfathers
c/o Graham Espe
46 Parkside Ct
Utica NY 13501

We truly appreciate the outpouring of support that we have received already. We will certainly be sending out some personal thank you's in the months to come.

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