Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A tool for all of derby.....

The Quadfathers, in conjunction with Central New York Roller Derby, and Ray Cardillo aka Mr Mighty, are proud to announce the release of an official modification to Simple Machines Forum titled 'Voter Visibility'.

This project came about from a need of both organization to take votes for league business purposes via our respective Simple Machines-based forums. But with the standard setup, there's no way to track who voted how on any topic- and in both the roller derby and business communities, its important to track who participated and how they voted. Sometimes, you need to take a vote where no one sees the results. Sometimes, you need to take a vote where only after the voting window closes the results are seen so as not to influence voter's decisions. And sometimes a good old public vote is necessary.

Mr Mighty decided this was too big a hole in the potential usefulness of SMF to leave alone, and set about solving the problem. The result is the official 'Voter Visibility Mod'.

We hope that other roller derby organizations and businesses are able to benefit from this as we have.
And please follow the links on the download page to send a small donation to The Quadfathers and CNY if you use it.

A huge thank you to Mr Mighty for making this project happen!!!

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