Friday, August 1, 2014

Final Teams and Bracket for MVC 2014

We had some last minute changes to MVC, which delayed the final bracket.
Tampa Bay and Rock City both had to drop out of attending MVC this year, and we searched diligently for teams to replace them. In the end, we extended an invite to Jersey Boys Roller Derby to replace Tampa Bay, and the 8th slot will be filled with a mashup team of MRDA skaters, which we are affectionately calling 'The Replacements'.

Jersey Boys Roller Derby are approximately a year old, hailing from Springfield, NJ. They have had a great inaugural season so far, with close wins over CT Death Quads, Harm City Havoc, and The Quadfathers, and are in the midst of the MRDA membership process.

The Replacements are going to be the team to watch MVC weekend. The wildcard for sure. The team is comprised of skaters from the CT Death Quads, Capital City Hooligans, Philadelphia Hooligans, Ottawa Slaughter Squad, and Capital District Trauma Authority (you can also call them the 'Slaughter District Death Hooligans', but we like 'The Replacements' for short). While these guys haven't had time to skate together and work on strategy, they represent a really strong group of skaters from all over and should be a good time to watch.

The new bracket, with the new team changes, is:

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