Monday, March 23, 2015

The Hit List: Skater Spotlight for 3/20/2015: Jim Ruffo #1618

by Hispanic Attack

What is your derby name? 
My actual name.

What is the story behind your name? 
According to my mom, my parents were seriously considering "Vincent", which ended up being my middle name.

What number do you wear? 

Why did you choose it? 
It's the first four digits of the golden ratio, a famous mathematical constant.

What is your role in the league? 

What is your preferred position on the track? 
Wherever I'm most needed. Except jammer. Pivot is OK, as long as there are no star passes involved.

What’s your pre-derby athletic background? 
I did soccer, track, and cross-country in high school. I also used to skateboard, snowboard and play basketball, but not in any organized way.

What would you say are your greatest strengths as a skater? 
Probably my ability to see what's happening on the track and react accordingly. I'm a really good bridger.

What is your proudest accomplishment in roller derby and why? 

Which one of your teammates do you look up to most, and why? 
I admire all of the work Joe Stever and Graham Espe for they have done over the years to get the league started and keep it healthy.

What is your best memory of the 2014 MRDA season? 
Our last game of the Mohawk Valley Cup against the Twin Cities Terrors.

What is your motivational quote? 

How did you get involved with roller derby?
 My girlfriend, Melissa, started as an official with the league in Oneonta, where we live. There were some guys there who were trying to put a men's team together at the time, including fellow Quadfathers Oxenfree and Aaron Chapin. She harassed me until I agreed to come to a practice.

Finally, is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you want to talk about? 

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