Monday, April 27, 2015

The Hit List: Skater Spotlight for 4/24/2015: Chapin #43

Photo by Juan Paden
What is your derby name?
Derby name for a few years was Red BAaron but now I just go by Chapin.

What is the story behind your name?
Wal-Mart caries this delicious brand of microwave and oven pizza. Someone brought it up and it just fit perfectly, couldn't get away from it until I realized that derby was heading into a more professional direction. I like the idea of skaters playing under their real names instead of the weird, awkward, and sometimes, innuendo ridden skater names.

What number do you wear?

Why did you choose it?
I had the same number in little league soccer from the 6 until 11 so it just made sense to keep the trend going. Its also my lucky number for the same reason.

What is your role in the league?

What is your preferred position on the track?
JAMMER!!! I cant block to save my life.

What’s your pre-derby athletic background?
Pre-Derby, I have skated session, at minimum 2 times a week, since 1998. I am the epitome of a rink rat and love it. Pre-skating I played little league soccer from age 6 until I moved to new york, focused mainly on that and splashed in some basketball and baseball.

What would you say are your greatest strengths as a skater?
Being able to stand up on skates... That's pretty important.

What is your proudest accomplishment in roller derby and why?
Every year I set goals for myself. This year I set 3 goals and already have achieved two. Highest scoring jammer on our team, and getting a MVP Jammer, next up on the list is 80% lead jammer for a game. Every time I get to mark one of those off my list, its an accomplishment.

Which one of your teammates do you look up to most, and why?
Every single one of the blockers, there is no single person. Anyone who is willing to get out there and give up their body to help their jammer through, I look up to them. I don't have the ability to help someone out that much on the track.

What is your best memory of the 2014 MRDA season?
That's the easiest question on this thing and I am sure most of the team agrees, our game against Twin City Terrors at the end of MVCup. We were expected to get crushed and held our own and played the best game of the year. We may have lost but that game was the most amazing game I have ever played with these boys.

How did you get involved with roller derby?
I helped found the (now named) Hill City Rollers in Oneonta and we started our own mens team named the Roundhouse Rebels, we managed to recruit 5 guys before things fell apart. Graham approached the remaining three of us to join ranks with the Quads. Oxen and Thug both joined months before me but I finally broke down, joined and haven't looked back. I still work on the training committee for the Oneonta girls league and bench coach the All Stars team.

Finally, is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you want to talk about?
4 and a half years into derby, I have seen many players and volunteers come and go but not a single person has had a greater impact on me then Baird. The dedication and love that man showed, not only for the sport, but for every single person he meets, is beyond amazing. Thank you Baird for being an amazing human being! Now get back here and let me hit you!

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