Friday, June 26, 2015

Announcing the officials crews of MVC 2015

Announcing the officials of MVC 2015!

THR: Miss Trial
THR Apprentice: Chunk Rock Girl

THNSO: Danger Prone Daphne
THNSO Apprentice: Heather Harlin

Referee Crews:

CHR: Chopsaw
IPR: Xavier Bacon
JR: Pushup Zebra
JR: Chunk Rock Girl
OPR: Trickster
OPR: Apple Corrie
OPR: Ria Culpa
CHR: Miss Trial
IPR: The Gorram Reaver
JR: Davie Darko
JR: Big Smack & Fries
OPR: Wreckordian
OPR: EmPower
OPR: Potomac Ripper

CHR: Sugar Daddy
IPR: Bob Lloyd
JR: Dread Hochuli
JR: Punk You
OPR: Headless Horseman
OPR: Organic Panic
OPR: Wreck Support

Alt: Reffeweizen
Alt: Whistle Bloki

 NSO Crews:

CHNSO: cameltopher
Penalty Wrangler: Down N Jersey
Penalty Tracker: John Brawls
Inside Whiteboard: cameltopher
Jam Timer: Yours TruLeigh
Score Tracker: Stella Starlight
Score Tracker: Toxic Marcotic
Scoreboard: Rogzilla
Penalty Box Manager: Killah Beezus
Penalty Box Timer: Hui Will Rock You
Penalty Box Timer: Heather Harlin
Line Ups Tracker: Shebra
Line Ups Tracker: Babe-onic Plague
Alt: Scooby Doom

CHNSO: Fatal Exception
Penalty Wrangler: Goldie Gloves
Penalty Tracker: Fantasmic
Inside Whiteboard: Fatal Exception
Jam Timer: Three Kyle Island
Score Tracker: The Hound
Score Tracker: Mariah Scary
Scoreboard: Captain Hammer
Penalty Box Manager: Clipnocky
Penalty Box Timer: Julius Freezer
Penalty Box Timer: Veronica Scars
Line Ups Tracker: Michael Mitton
Line Ups Tracker: Hard Core Vette
Alt: Danger Prone Daphne

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