Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quadfathers Hold Organizational Elections

November 6th, 2012-
In the spirit of National Election Day, the Quadfathers are pleased to announce the results of our own internal elections for the 2013 year. With the new leadership staff in place, the Quadfathers are all looking forward to an exciting and successful 2013 campaign.

President- Doom Buggy #999
Vice President - Bobby Brady #8
Secretary - TOM-A-HAWK  #1225
Treasurer - Grambo #37
Team Captain and Recruitment Director - Brandon Scherz  #35
Skater Rep - Peach  #27
Marketing - Lug Nut  #56
Sponsorship and Fundraising - The Raging Homo  #28
Merch Director - Wildstyle  #215

Continue to check the Quadfathers website, facebook page, and Twitter feed for updates regarding upcoming recruitment events, news, information on upcoming bouts, and all your Mohawk Valley Cup 2013 info.

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