Friday, November 16, 2012

Help the Quadfathers via at no extra cost to you.

Help the Quadfathers raise money for the upcoming season …. For Free!

In an effort to generate income for the upcoming season and beyond, the Quadfathers are proud to announce that they are officially an Amazon Affiliate. As of a few days ago, you may have noticed an banner link on the right hand side of our homepage. 

How does this help the Quadfathers you ask?

Simple. And at no extra cost to you, our devoted and adoring fans.

When you want to buy something on, take a few seconds to head to our website first. Click on the link on our website. Then, anything you buy in that browsing session (with some very obscure exceptions), a small portion of the total cost goes to the Quadfathers. No hidden costs, no price increases for using our link, just a really great, simple, and most importantly, free way to help out the Quadfathers.

Want to buy some near bearings for your derby skates?  Click on our link first and it helps us.

Want to buy a new mouth guard? Click on our link first and it helps us.

Want to buy a new Kindle? Click on our link first and it helps us.

Bottom line, anything and everything helps!

As it’s the holiday season, and so many people out  use already for whatever they are buying, we’d like to encourage you, your friends, your family, your co-workers, anyone you know that uses,   to take a few extra seconds and click on our link first, and help all of us out.

We thank everyone in advance for the extra click!

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