Thursday, June 20, 2013

2nd Edition of The Quadfathers HIt List

The second edition of the Quadfathers Hit List is hot off the virtual presses and features one of the two Quadfathers who are trying out for Team USA in Chicago this weekend. Along with our first featured skater on the Hit List, Brandon Scherz, Wildstyle is also representing The Quadfathers at the tryouts. Before making the long drive West, Wildstyle was gracious enough to answer some questions for the second edition of The Hit List.

What is your derby name?

What’s the history behind it?
I am wild and I have style. No, actually, it is the name of a 1980's graffiti film - Wild Style. Thought it was cool. I was originally going to go with Powdered Toast Dan- but there was already a powdered something or other on TwoEvils and I didn't think it was going to be accepted.

What number do you wear?

Why did you choose it?
It's the southeast Pennsylvania area code, where I grew up.

What is your role in the league?
I am sort of like the goalie in hockey - I get ignored by my team and they allow the other team to beat me up and knock me around while I do my best to keep the score in our favor. I think the common term is "jammer".

I also do the merch.

What is your preferred position on the track?

I actually prefer blocking, but I'm fairly mediocre at it since I jam the entire game.

What’s your pre-derby athletic background?

I was a fruit booter and threw myself down flights of stairs.

How would you describe your skating style?

Aggressive and unrelenting.

What would you say are your greatest strengths as a skater?
The ability to not care, speed, and quick hoppy feet.

What is your proudest accomplishment in roller derby and why?
I would have to say when I won MVP against the Burlington Bomb Quads(now Vermont Men's Roller Derby) two years ago. The game was the week after my grandfather died and I dedicated that game to him and scored some ridiculous amount of points.

Which one of your teammates do you look up to most, and why?
I used to look up to Die-Lon, and well, he stopped playing. I could always be like, "Dude, go make me a hole real quick" and he would completely demolish the entire pack and after the jam ask me "Were those holes good enough?" after I got a 12-0 jam or something. Now I look up to B. Scherz because I'm always on the ground when he hits me and well, he's above me at that point. WEIRD, ITS LIKE THEYRE BROTHERS OR SOMETHING.

What is your best memory of the 2012 MRDA season?
TOTALLY NOT that time I broke my ankle playing Montreal, but coming back and playing my first game against Montreal and telling Patricide not to break me again on the first jam. Also, giving Ferrari Kid a hug at the end of the Quadfathers/Vermont Men's Roller Derby game at Mohawk Valley Cup. Ragequitting the game against Albany at MVC after getting smacked in the face by a jam ref calling lead jammer as I was coming up the inside without an apology was kinda awesome too. (KIDDING IT SUCKED)

What is your motivational quote?
Either "You don't skate with your arms, curlbro" or "Cheat to win". Going to blame Eddie Guerrero for that one. Or maybe Lance Armstrong. Who knows.

How did you get involved with roller derby?
A coworker invited me to go watch a the Quadfathers play the Connecticut Death Quads and I was like "I can do that." So I showed up two days later wearing a baby blue shirt with two unicorns having sex with a rainbow in the background. Grambo told me he was like "is this guy for real" and well, yeah.

Finally, is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you want to talk about?


Join the rest of the Quadfathers in wishing both Wildstyle and Brandon Scherz the best of luck in trying out for Team USA this weekend. Also, many thanks to Walter Romero/Hispanic Attack for his excellent photo of Wildstyle. You can see more of Walter's work at
Next up for the Quadfathers is a home bout against the Ottawa Slaughter Squad on Saturday July 13th. The Ottawa bout will be the first bout in a doubleheader with the second half of the doubleheader featuring CNY Roller Derby's Utica Clubbers against the defending league champion Rome Wreckers. Both the Clubbers and Wreckers are coached by members of the Quadfathers (Tom-A-Hawk for the Clubbers, Doom Buggy and Bobby Brady for the Wreckers). This bout will also be at the New Hartford Rec Center, rather than at Rome's JFK Arena.
After that bout, The Quadfathers will travel to Barre, VT on the 27th of July for an away bout against Vermont Men's Roller Derby.
Hope to see you at one or both of the bouts!

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