Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Announcing the Officials of MVC 2013!

We are pleased to announce the officiating crews for Mohawk Valley Cup 2013. As always, we couldn't do it without these folks, and we very much appreciate their willingness to travel to Rome and help us make this tournament a success!

Tournament Head Ref:
Miss Trial
THR Apprentice: Punk You

Tournament Head Non-Skating Official:
Danger Prone Daphne
THNSO Apprentice: Traeonna


CHR: Anne Persand
IPR: Ian Fluenza
JR: Psi’d Kick
JR: Rockity Roller
OPR: Potomac Ripper
OPR: Manic Hottie
OPR: Brad Religion
ALT: Pushup Zebra

CHR: Lethe L. Ejection
IPR: Bambilance
JR: Three-Day Bender
JR: Punk You
OPR: Trickster
OPR: Freddie Mercenary
OPR: EmPower
ALT: Drop Dead Gorgon

CHR: Sugar Daddy
JR: Roo Lyn Forcer
JR: Ref In Peace
OPR: Chopsaw
OPR: gritty purl
OPR: Just Mo
ALT: Sheila E. Ject'Ya


CHNSO: Goldie Gloves
Penalty Tracker: Goldie Gloves
Inside Whiteboard: DJ Scooby Doom
Penalty Wrangler: Headless Horsman
Jam Timer: Duck N. Shover
Score Tracker: Fantasmic
Score Tracker: Shimmy Hendrix
Score Board: GI Jerome
Penalty Box Manager: Bettie Mercury
Penalty Box Timer: Danger Prone Daphne
Penalty Box Timer: Mo Torhead
Line Up Tracker: Betty White Stripes
Line Up Tracker: X'SV Force

CHNSO: Izzy Normous
Penalty Tracker: Ruh Roh
Inside Whiteboard: Wreckordian
Penalty Wrangle:r Izzy Normous
Jam Timer: Davie Darko
Score Tracker: Traeonna
Score Tracker: Kilty Conscience
Score Board: awful waffle
Penalty Box Manager: Funny Pack
Penalty Box Timer: Badd Chadditude
Penalty Box Timer: Jedi Mind Trixi
Line Up Tracker: MacGyver
Line Up Tracker: Heavy Mental

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