Friday, January 23, 2015

The Hit List: Skater Spotlight for 1/23/2015: Oxenfree #48

Photo by John Bentham
What is your derby name? Oxenfree
What is the story behind your name? There are no ollies in roller derby.
What number do you wear? 48
Why did you choose it? no comment
What is your role in the league? Obstacle on wheels. Occasional NSO.
What is your preferred position on the track? upright and skating
What’s your pre-derby athletic background? Skateboarding. I think moshing counts too.
What would you say are your greatest strengths as a skater? I have OK balance.
What is your proudest accomplishment in roller derby and why? Any time I can explain something to someone and they get it, or it helps them in some way.
Which one of your teammates do you look up to most, and why? Probably Graham. He's one of those people who can do anything and everything and he seems to keep a cool head. Maybe it's all of the sweating he does. He's also a really good jammer and can step in when needed *winkwink*.
What is your best memory of the 2014 MRDA season? Probably playing against the Twin City Terrors. Their logo is awesome and it's really the only reason we lost. We played a great game, their logo was just way better. Any new team considering a skull logo should look at theirs first, then give up.
What is your motivational quote? I dunno. Any image macro that has a broad generalization about life and a cool picture is fine with me. Maybe a kitten, or a rowing team at sunset or something. As long as I don't have to do much interpretation or any thinking at all really. That gets me pretty motivated.
How did you get involved with roller derby? I went to a practice, then I kept going to more practices. So far nobody has said I can't practice with them so I try and keep my mouth shut and my fingers crossed.
Finally, is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you want to talk about? I want to apologize to Vermont Men's Roller Derby for scoring a bunch of points on them after not getting called on a track cut. I'm pretty sure Pope forced a cut on me in the first 15 seconds of a jam and nobody called it. I figure refs know more than I do so I went with it, but I still feel bad about it. I think I only jammed once or twice that game. Hispanic Attack took pictures so I look like a hero, but each shot of me jamming is a beautifully captured lie that I have to live with for the rest of my life. (Can you insert the TCT's logo in here somewhere? Seriously that thing is cool.)

Photo by Walter Romero / Hispanic Attack

Comments from teammates:

Fowler #28 - The first time Oxenfree had ever jammed in a bout for the Quadfathers was in Montreal against the Mont Royals. Oxen was not rostered to jam that day but due to an injury to a teammate he stepped up and jammed every other jam for the rest of that bout.. He never quit or gave up. He fought to the end and has been a great team player from that day on. He earn a great deal of respect from his teammates and anybody else who was paying attention that day....

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