Friday, January 30, 2015

The Hit List: Skater Spotlight for 1/30/2015: Heff Factor #89

Photo by Davie Darko
What is your derby name?
Heff Factor

What is the story behind your name?
It is a nickname that is pulled from my last name, everyone has always called me Heff. When I used to play hockey one of my teammates nicknamed me Heff Factor and it just stuck.

What number do you wear?

Why did you choose it?
My 2 numbers I used in Hockey were 12 and 89 and I picked 89 because 12 was close to another guy’s number on the team so I didn’t want it to be confusing to anyone on the team or the officials.

What is your role in the league?
Right now I am focusing on earning my spot on the track regardless if that is a blocker, pivot or jammer.

What is your preferred position on the track?
I love playing as the Pivot but I know I have a long way to go. I like playing as the Pivot because you are focused on blocking but if the jammer needs relief you can jump in and help out, kind of the best of both worlds in my opinion.

What’s your pre-derby athletic background?
I grew up as a competitive swimmer and swam in the USA swimming program in Connecticut with my best stroke being Butterfly. In college I picked up hockey and figure skating where I played on intramural teams and in adult leagues. After college I found roller derby and haven’t looked back.

What would you say are your greatest strengths as a skater?
My greatest strengths are using what I have learned from hockey and figure skating and applying it to roller derby where it has proven useful time and time again.

What is your proudest accomplishment in roller derby and why?
My first 2 practices with the Quadfathers, where I decided I want to try this even though I live 2 hours away from the closest MRDA team. The first practice the captain Brandon said, “yeah, he can skate” then at my second practice Grambo told me, “I would have never guessed you never played Men’s Derby before”. After hearing this from 2 very well accomplished skaters I knew I belong on the track.

Which one of your teammates do you look up to most, and why?
Being relatively new to the sport I look up to the entire team, and I can’t single anyone out. I learn something new from everyone every time we take the track together. I look up to Brandon a lot because he is a very well accomplished skater and I go to him all the time for advice.

What is your best memory of the 2014 MRDA season?
My favorite memory of the 2014 MRDA season was during the Mohawk Valley Cup when I was rostered for my first game which was the bronze medal game in the cup. I had several referee friends that pulled me aside during warm ups that wanted to take a photo with me. They were so happy for me becoming a skater, I will never forget the photo I got with Tripp Ur’Mamma[QCRG] and Davie Darko[RCRD] for taking the photo.

What is your motivational quote?
When I used to do competitive rowing my coach once told me when he was challenging me and another rower, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” This quote has stuck with me for a long time. We were so scared we were going to flip the boat that day, and it motivates me every time I lace up.

How did you get involved with roller derby?
A friend of mine told me lets go to a Roller Derby game. I showed up and thought it was awesome, and said I wonder if they do men’s roller derby. The next year I started reffing for Roc City Roller Derby in Rochester, NY then after 1 year of reffing I tried Men’s derby and haven’t looked back.

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